Hodge Environmental specialises in producing scientific communication products, displaying complex science results in an easy-to-understand format. Products range from one-off diagrams, maps and presentations to short brochures, longer reports and full project branding and collateral.

Scroll through my portfolio below to see a selection of my recent work.


Ecosystem health report cards

Report cards are a great way to present a large amount of scientific data in an easy-to-understand format. I have worked with many groups to develop and design their report cards and supporting collateral.

Reports, books and magazines

Reports, books and magazines can be rich in information delivered through maps, diagrams, graphs, images and text.

Newsletters, factsheets and posters

Short and sharp, newsletters, factsheets and posters need to deliver key messages clearly and quickly.

Diagrams, graphics and maps

Diagrams, graphics and maps can be developed for standalone presentations or print products, or can be integrated into documents or websites. Complex scientific concepts can be simply and aesthetically explained.


Infographics are a great way to deliver a short, sharp message to a broad audience. They can be developed for a wide range of uses including websites, print and social media.


From full design to updating an existing site, I work with you to design and develop a site to suit your needs and incorporate new technologies to best reach your audience. I can also create graphics, images, maps and content to best suit your website requirements.

Conference materials

Clear information and punchy design can give your conference the professional edge attracting sponsors and delegates. My involvement can range from a simple cover or graphic design to full product development, social media, website updates and on-site newsletter development.